Coaches Spotlight


🏐 Long time ABVM parent & volleyball coach Gary Balcolm knows all too well what it takes for ABVM student athletes to be successful.  When asked what the hardest thing about coaching is, he says “Waiting to see the girls do what you know they are capable of doing. When it happens though it is the most rewarding thing of all”. He enjoys camping with his family and doing photography.  He mostly takes senior pictures, but also does sports and family pictures too. Gary enjoys reading & says his favorite book is “The Firm” by John Grisham, “Because it is written so well, that your heart races as if you were the character in the book.  It is as good, if not better than the movie”.

🏐 His advice to the younger ABVM athletes …. “It is great to be an athlete at ABVM because you learn the basics of the sport, but you also learn team work and leadership skills. Leadership skills are shown when some of the more seasoned players are assisting the players who are just learning some of the skills. I love to ask the girls that have gone through the programs outside of ABVM to show what they have learned with the other girls. It is even more rewarding to see the girls use what they have just learned and be successful at it.

Girl’s Athlete of the Month

Samantha says her favorite subject is science “because it is very important to our world & It always leads to new discoveries and new strategies”.  When asked what the hardest part of playing her sports was, she said in basketball its stamina. Sometimes she has trouble keeping up with the others. In softball it’s batting, you have to be careful when it comes to where you hold the bat and where the ball hits the bat. And the hardest part of shot-put is positioning. She says, You can tear muscles if you are not careful. Her favorite foods are three cheese nachos from Qdoba and seafood Alfredo from Olive Garden. She likes hanging out with a friend, playing video games and being around family in her free time. Samantha enjoys the book Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf and her favorite movies are Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and iRobot. She loves fantasy and science fiction movies and books. Her advice to the younger students at ABVM…..  “If you have a passion for anything, follow it. Don’t let what others say stop you. And always be positive. Remember to have fun. Always be there for friends. Don’t forget to make time for friends and family. Try your best. Always”.

Boy’s Athlete of the Month

Ryar’s favorite subject is math. He says “the hardest thing about playing a sport is not the sport itself, but the balancing of being a good student athlete”. His favorite food is Tacos..he loves Mexican food!! When he’s not doing homework or playing sports, he loves to hang out with his friends and go fishing. Ryar enjoys the Marvel Movies. His advice to the younger students at ABVM…. “Talent can only get you so far. Being a dedicated hard working student athlete, who is coachable, will taking you far not only in sports but life!”

Assumption Athletic Booster Club | October 2016

AABC President’s Corner:

GO EAGLES!!  I love to hear that sound.  It has been an exciting fall season for our athletes.  We are so proud of all those who participated and represented ABVM.

A special CONGRATS to our 2016 5/6th grade boys football team who has gone undefeated in regular season play & earned a spot in the championship game “All Saints Bowl” …coming out with a win over North Pointe Christian 12-6 at the CAT!!! Champions!! Way to go Eagles!!

I also want to thank the parents for all your efforts to ensure your children made it to practices and games.  When teams are combined, it is not always the easiest to coordinate car pools to various locations for practices and games.  The Boosters appreciate your commitment to all the athletes this season.  Also, thank you to those parents and students who gave time in the concession stand during this fall season.  You are the reason we continue to have the #1 facility and concession offerings in GRACEAC!

Lastly, I want to thank Kevin and Katie McGrath and Greg and Colleen Simmons for their support of the ABVM Eagles Club during our fall drive.  We are excited to add your names/business to our ever growing sponsor wall in the FLC.  Thank you for your support of the ABVM athletics.We look forward to the winter sports season – if you have not signed up your child yet, please do so.  We can’t wait to see and cheer on our ABVM Athletes!!!  GO EAGLES!