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Photographing Basketball

In theory, basketball should be one of the easier sports to photograph right? All of the action happens in a 4,500 square feet rectangle as opposed to let’s say, a football field which is 57,600 sq ft. The players are also driving at a hoop that is only 18 inches wide. How hard can it […]

Guidelines To Reduce Overuse Injuries In Young Athletes

Dr. Neeru Jayanthi sees quite a few young athletes in the primary care and sports medicine clinics at Loyola University Health System and the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Surprised by the growing number of sports-related injuries he was treating, he organized a research project to track and document patterns in […]

2-Man Rebounding Drill

The purpose of this basketball drill is to help with boxing out, rebounding, and outlet passes. With this drill, make sure to teach you defense to attack the boards, keep their stance wide, and use their legs and rear end to contain their man. For offense, emphasize that they be aggressive, and always anticipate the […]

Wall Ball

Setup: For this youth basketball drill divide your team into two teams and put them on opposite baselines. Give each player a number. Execution: Place a basketball in the middle of the court and call out a number. The player with that number on each side runs to get the ball. The player that gets […]

Dribbling for Beginners

The first drill you do at your first practice… Each player begins with a ball and works in one spot before moving with the dribble. Pitter-Patter: Have players practice batting the ball in the air from hand to hand using only the tips of their fingers. As they get better at this, have them change […]

Photographing Tips: Football

I love photographing football! There, I admitted it. While any day spent photographing sports is a special treat, the moment I walk on to a football field, my heart races just a little bit faster in anticipation of the game to come. Now just to clarify, soccer is also known as football but in this […]

Skills Drills Volleyball: Volleyball Serving

      This youth volleyball drill will help to improve a players serving accuracy while helping the other player move to the ball. Description Players 1 and 2 serve 5 balls each. Player 3 and 4 pass the ball to player 5 who catches the ball and rolls it back under the net to […]

Energy Drinks May Give Kids Wings And Head Injuries

For over 10 years now, our kids have been encouraged to “unleash the beast” because their favorite energy drink will “give you wings.” Along with their slogans, these beverage companies have sponsored and promoted the meteoric rise of action sports competitions around the world, not to mention free-fall jumps from outer space. They’ve created a […]

5 Tips on How to Build Team Chemistry

Recently, 2014 World Cup Golden Boot Award winner James Rodriguez ended an underwhelming three year spell with soccer club Real Madrid. Oddly enough, he immediately returned to his 2014 form after joining a new club called Bayern Munich. Real Madrid and Bayern Munich might be the two biggest soccer clubs in the world right now. […]