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Social Media do’s and don’ts for Athletes | part 3

What Should You Post? 1. Say thank you. This is always a good option. Teach student-athletes to take time to thank those who support them. Fans, teammates and family for example. 2. Support others. Student-athletes can provide a positive example for other students by sending positive messages about their peers in other sports or activities at school. […]

Social Media do’s and don’ts for Athletes | Part 2

Four Things to Keep in Mind: 1. It’s a tool, not a toy. Social media isn’t just something for your own entertainment, Petroff says. If used effectively, social media can be an asset to help a student-athlete’s individual brand, their community, their team and the school they represent. 2. Nothing is truly private… ever. Petroff says there […]

Social Media…friend or foe?

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media For ABVM Players If you want put yourself in the best position to be recruited to the best college it means you can’t use social media like your friends do, like it or not. Photo Credit: seyyahil via Compfight cc As we’ve talked about in a previous social media post, college coaches are crossing […]

Social Media do’s and don’ts for Athletes | Part 1

Many schools are now going on the offensive. Social media seminars for student-athletes are becoming commonplace in high schools and colleges across the country. Last night, I attended such a meeting at Oregon High School near AB’s headquarters in Madison, Wis. Whether they serve as a refresher course or even as a guideline for those […]

Sports Photography

Shooting an action photo with sharp focus is really the ultimate goal in sports photography. Sure, there may be times when photographers try to show motion, and will intentionally let the action blur, but 98% of the time, you want to capture the emotion and incredible contortions an athlete goes through during the course of […]

Top 3 Tips to Save Big When the Season Starts

Sorry to be Captain Obvious, but youth sports are expensive. You’ve got to pay for registration fees, equipment, drinks, snacks—and don’t forget there’s always someone who insists on having only organic snacks. And these costs double or triple if you’ve got multiple kids on multiple teams! Worry not! There are plenty of ways to mitigate youth sports expenses. Here […]

5 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Sports Parents

Busyness is the unavoidable byproduct of the youth sports lifestyle. For sports parents, time is a premium commodity. If you’re looking for more hours in the day, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. However, here are some tips that can save you time as you parent your athlete. Don’t Sweat Messes This may not seem […]

Tips for Improving Your Club or League’s Communication

An organization without good communication is like a plane without wings. It just isn’t going to work. No matter what size or sport your club or league is, communicating effectively is vital to success. Here’s how to make sure your organization is flying high. Take Everything Online Club and league head honchos sometimes use several […]