2-Man Rebounding Drill

The purpose of this basketball drill is to help with boxing out, rebounding, and outlet passes. With this drill, make sure to teach you defense to attack the boards, keep their stance wide, and use their legs and rear end to contain their man. For offense, emphasize that they be aggressive, and always anticipate the rebound and be ready to put the basketball back up with power. Look at the diagram to see how to execute this effective rebounding basketball drill in your next practice.


Download Document: 2manrebound.pdf

Baseball Field Maintenance

In-Season Tips

While it’s important not to ignore off-season field chores, the bulk of the field maintenance will take place during the season. This includes regular mowing, infield raking and preservation throughout the season. Here’s a closer look at each:

  • Mowing: On most youth fields, mowing will only be done on the outfield, but there are some youth baseball fields that have grass in the infield as well. When mowing, never take more than one-third off the total grass length. Also, use a mower with sharp blades, as dull blades can damage the grass. To make the field look extra nice, try to mow in straight lines or eye-catching patterns.
  • Infield Raking: The more the field is played on, the more the infield dirt is due to be jostled. Regular infield raking and spike dragging should be performed and topped off by having it rolled with a 1-ton roller. If a roller isn’t available, don’t skip the raking and spike-dragging steps. This helps keep the infield area neat and playable.
  • Preservation: When it rains in a professional baseball stadium, the infield is covered with a tarp. Your youth baseball field likely doesn’t have the same luxury, but try, at least, to cover the pitcher’s mound with a protective tarp between games. This helps prevent mound erosion and limits the amount of in-season maintenance you’ll have to make. Lip sweeping and raking should also be done at least weekly and mound plates should be checked on a weekly basis, too.

Just because youth baseball players play ball on a youth field doesn’t mean you can’t give them a great ball-playing experience. Remember, a well-kept youth baseball field doesn’t just look great, it also allows for safer gameplay. When it’s youth sports, a safe, enjoyable experience should be the No. 1 goal.

Football Sign-Ups

Hello Sport Fans:


Well the Spring sport season has begun – with practices underway.  Hopefully the schedules will be out soon!


We are now looking ahead to Fall sports – as Signups will all be starting soon.  At this time Football signups are now underway.  Any student interested in participating in 5/6th or 7/8th grade football should sign up at the following link:


2017 Football Sign-up


Please sign up as soon as possible – which will help out with team formations, mergers etc.


Other Fall sport sign ups will be posted in the near future.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Thank You,




Kim A Mis



Soccer Conditioning

A soccer fitness program should be built around developing a good aerobic base. Several studies into the physiological demands of soccer have shown that outfield players can travel up to 13 km or 8 miles during a 90-minute game.

Outfield Players Can Travel Up To 13 km Or 8 Miles During A 90-Minute Game.

This places a significant demand on the athlete’s cardiovascular system and muscular endurance. Having said that, I believe this is one aspect of training that is already over-emphasized in this sport.

It’s not uncommon to hear of soccer players running for at least an hour at a time several days per week in an attempt to improve their performance on the field. However, if you start to analyze the ‘sport-specific’ requirements of the athletes, you will realize that they are actually engaging in varying intensities of activity for different durations while playing, including:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Running
  • Sprinting
  • And in various directions.

Incorporating interval training into your program, that involves high and low intensities of activity, will provide better results than long duration, low intensity jogging alone.

Strength In Soccer

Strength is an important component of fitness that can benefit athletes in any sport, although it is often viewed as of little importance in soccer. However, strength forms the basis for power and speed. Soccer players also need strength to hold off challenges from opponents. Other benefits of strength training include:

  • Injury resistance
  • Leaner body composition
  • Faster metabolism
  • More energy
  • Greater explosiveness
  • Improved balance, stability, and agility
  • Faster recovery

High level soccer players don’t need to have the same absolute strength asAmerican football players or rugby players, but a properly designed ‘off-field’ strength training program will definitely elicit improvements in performance! Relative strength is more important in soccer than absolute strength. Relative strength is simply your absolute strength in relation to your body weight.


Your strength training program should focus on compound, functional exercises (such as lunges, squats, step ups, pushups, dips, chin-ups), and take into account balancing the strength of opposing muscle groups (i.e.- quadriceps vs.hamstrings).

Don’t waste your time training solely on machines, and avoid useless, non-functional exercises such as leg extensions. The majority of your exercises should be ground-based, using bodyweight or free weights as resistance, and should involve movement of your full body.

Train all the major muscle groups, with emphasis on lower body and core.

Athletic Director’s Corner

Spring Sports have begun! We are looking forward to seeing all of our Athletes sharing their talents in baseball, softball, tennis, lacrosse, soccer, and track. If you have not received a schedule, please go to the GRACEAC website at here GRACEAC SCHEDULES

We are excited the 2016 Fly Like an Eagle Race | Walk is just around the corner. May 7th at 9:00 am the 5k race will start. The kids 1/2 mile fun run follows at 10:00 am.

Register now at Fly Like an Eagle or Run SignUp


We look forward to having participate – all proceeds go to help the support the needs of the ABVM Athletic Program.

If you have any questions regarding athletics at ABVM School please contact the Athletic Director Kim Mis at abvnmathletics@abvmschool1.org