May’s Coaches Spotlight

Longtime parishioner & aunt of ABVM student athlete Emma Simmons 😊, Molly Burns, has volunteered much time, talent & knowledge to coaching ABVM girls Volleyball. Sometimes calling herself the Bobby Knight of grade school volleyball, she likes to win…But gets frustrated when the points don’t go her teams way! She reminds herself that the girls have to learn the fundamentals of the sport first. Pointing out that many players have never even held a volleyball before the first practice, so watching them get their serves over or win a point after a good rally proves better than winning.


Molly loves watching her nieces & nephews in their activities like sports, plays or concerts. She travels a lot for work so she enjoys any activities that keep her in the “mitten” like concerts, dinner with family & friends and riding her bike on the White Pine Trail. Molly loves to laugh and appreciates people with a great sense of humor and wit. Comedy & romantic comedy are her favorite types of movies. She enjoys reading. On her plane rides while traveling for work she gets book ideas from friends on “Goodreads”.


Words of advice she has for the athletes at ABVM …..”You don’t have to be the best athlete, but you have to try your hardest. Be on time. Run all the way to the line. Play until the whistle. Cheer for your teammates. Help your opponents up if they fall. Hustle on and off the court. Respect your coaches, teammates, opponents and the officials. And most importantly, laugh and have fun!!” Spoken like a true coach Molly!


Thank you for your commitment & passion for ABVM athletics! You rule!

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